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what the cloud core offers you

git ops

A simple push dispatches highly trained monkeys to test and deploy your service.

Request code reviews, discuss pull request, use all the nice features of our github enterprise instance.


Deploy services like a boss with our standardized jenkins pipelines.

Need some customization? Let’s have a chat and we will find a solution with you.


Utilize our ready-to-use ansible roles to deploy and configure your services.

Ansible is not delivering what you want? We’re also speaking terrafom.

load balancing

Heavy workloads to lift? No problem with our premium load balancing infrastructure backed by battle tested technology like HAProxy or Traefik!

Just talk to us, we will scale your service for you!

MySQL cluster

We care about your customers‘ data!

Store your customers‘ data within our high-availability MySQL Galera Cluster, because the more nines the more better!


Gain deep insights by utilizing our TIG stack. Profit from our standardized telemetry infrastructure and draw them using our grafana instance.

Collect custom metrics by simply adding a telegraf config to your service.

distributed tracing

See where your data flows and gain even deeper insights into our platform and how your services perform and behave in real-time.

24/7 monitoring

Obey the rules and sleep well! Our SRE team got your back and will keep your services running, even while you’re having your well deserved quality time!

first class support

Have some urgent or complicated task to do? We’ll find a solution with you!

Just drop us a line in our slack channel or visit us at our daily stand up.